One Click Miner Guide (AMD, Nvidia, CPU)


Initial Setup:

Vertcoin’s One Click Miner is now in open BETA which means anyone can mine Vertcoin!  It is currently available for download from their slack channel.  Download the package from HERE and install it.  Before you begin, make sure you have a Vertcoin address.  I suggest downloading their wallet directly from>Downloads, where they have options for your standard or web wallets.  Once you are downloaded and updated to the current version you should see this.

Next we want to go to File>Update to make sure everything is as up to date as possible.

Getting Started with Mining:

Now that you are updated, you will want to select your P2Pool to use for mining. Click ‘Find P2Pool Nodes’ and you should see something like this. Next you want to click ‘Scan’ so that you can see the available nodes. When selecting a node to connect to you should keep in mind that ‘Network 1’ is for 100MH/s and higher mining rigs, and ‘Network 2’ is for 99MH/s and below. Looks for the closest pools to you and select a few in your area. The reason to select more than 1 pool is to maintain mining uptime. If your first pool goes down, you will automatically be switched to the next pool in your list.

Check the pools that you want to join and add your wallet address! Next hit the ‘start’ button and you will be on your way.

You will see something like below! Remember to add your GFX card and benchmark details here. You can check your progress here at

Now your miner should be up and running! Remember to check your GUI settings so that you can take advantages of all the features like Auto-start Mining, setting up your own P2Pool, and adjusting the mining intensity and devices.

Creating your own P2Pool node:

To host your own local P2Pool Node, you will need to make sure you are running the Vertcoin Core Wallet. This can be downloaded here. Please open the VTC core wallet and let in synchronize with the blockchain. To speed up the synchronization process, you can download the bootstrap.dat file from here. It will be under Services>Wallets. Once downloaded, please close your vertcoin core wallet and move the .dat file to the location of your wallet. The usual location is “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Vertcoin\”. Once moved you can reopen your Wallet. You can now synchronize much quicker. Once synchronized go ahead and check ‘Run Local Node’ and download and install the update. Once your P2pool is running you can selct network 1 or 2 via the dropdown in settings. Your node should now be up and running and you can mine away!

Currently the vertcoin miners are only optimized for Nvidia Cards. As a community we need to get the AMD cards optimized as soon as possible so that we can can grow faster and bigger than ever. If this guide has helped you please donate as much as you can spare!